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The Ohio Educational Credit Union (OHecu) is a not-for-profit cooperative providing superior financial products, services and conveniences for its members. We are a member-owned organization. Our members are our only stockholders. OHecu provides services similar to that of other financial institutions. However, OHecu is different from other financial institutions because OHecu operates as a separate entity solely for the benefit of its members (owners).

As our Mission Statement indicates, OHecu is a full-service financial institution. Our goal is to recognize and understand the unique needs of our individual members and to fulfill those needs through a variety of diversified products and services.
OHecu is chartered by the State of Ohio to provide its member-owners with the financial security, flexibility, and convenience necessary in today’s busy world. The expertise, skills, and talents of our Board of Directors, committees, and employees enable us to meet our objectives and fulfill our mission.

Who We Serve

Membership in OECU is just that—membership. Our members are not customers, clients, or guests; they are owners. Originally chartered in 1933 as the Cleveland Teachers Credit Union, OHecu now serves individuals from a variety of organizations. Our varied membership includes students, alumni, employees, and retirees from primary and secondary schools, universities, teaching hospitals, public, and private trade schools throughout Ohio. In addition to educational institutions, OHecu also serves individuals from community services organizations, health care providers, day care services, and arts organizations.

Core Values

Community Service
Making a difference in the communities where we live and work
Adherence to high standards of honesty, professionalism and ethical behavior
Valuing diversity and treating others with dignity
Appreciating that we can achieve more together than we can alone
Taking responsibility for executing on commitments

OHecu selects its employees on the belief they possess qualities that are important to us: integrity, passion, and essential work and interpersonal skills. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and trust that OHecu will grow as a result of our cooperative efforts.

Mission Statement

Building our members’ financial future through a full range of superior financial services, education and exceptional value.


OHecu offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for employees (full or part-time) and their eligible family members. The employee can choose the coverage that’s right for them including the option of choosing a health maintenance organization,
if available in their area.

OHecu’s health care plan (including dental) is even more affordable because premium payments are made on a pre-tax basis. Employees are also provided the opportunity to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

In addition to employer paid life, short-term and long-term disability coverage, OHecu also makes available a 401k plan, with the Credit Union providing a discretionary match of the employee’s contribution.

Educational Assistance is provided to encourage and assist employees in continuing their education. Educational Assistance includes reimbursement for tuition and an allowance for books, fees and related materials.

OHecu benefits include paid holidays throughout the year and a generous paid-time-off allowance.
The benefits and coverage defined above are a general overview. Specific information defining the benefit can be obtained during the application process.


Beth Alves
Human Resource Manager
(216) 621-6296 ext. 3016