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Special Savings Accounts

Special Savings Accounts allow you to develop a savings plan with particular goals in mind, while giving you access to the other financial tools offered by OHecu.

Holiday Savings Accounts

OHecu Holiday Savings Accounts lets you put money aside throughout the year, so you can start spending in time for the fall holidays. Funds in the OHecu Holiday Account are automatically transferred to your OHecu Regular Savings account during the first week of November. Unspent money can easily be transferred back into your Holiday Savings Account toward next year.

Vacation Accounts

OHecu Vacation Account lets you put a little money aside with each paycheck, making it easier to take that special trip you’ve been planning. 

Summer Reserve Pay Account

The Summer Reserve Pay Account was designed for members in the education field or those who have seasonal employment. It allows them to put a little extra savings aside with each paycheck to manage their finances when they are not receiving a paycheck.  

Name Your Own Savings Account

Use this special account to save for any purpose and name the account to match your needs. Is it for college, a new car or a special anniversary gift?  You can update the name of your account within OHecu Online Banking making it easy to track your progress.    To update the name of the account, log in to OHecu Online Banking, click on My Settings then 'Rename & Hide your accounts'.


You can also open a Special Savings account by stopping into any OHecu office with two forms of Identification.   

*Requires an OHecu Checking Account