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Regular Savings AccountRegular Savings image

A Regular Share Savings Account allows you to develop a savings plan, while giving you access to other financial tools offered by OHecu. Remember, saving money is the first step toward building your financial future, and one of the best disciplines to learn and teach others. It’s important to make saving a regular part of your life.  

A Regular Share Savings Account is opened with your OHecu membership and requires a minimum balance of at least $5.00. It is the primary account that must be maintained by anyone who is an OHecu member. 


You can also open a Savings account by stopping into any OHecu office with two forms of Identification.  


*Certain limitations and fees may apply.  Please see Regulation E Disclosure and OHecu Fee Schedule for more details.
**There is a Regular Savings maintenance fee assessed if you do not meet one of the following criteria: 

  • Are a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Student Package Member
  • Have payroll deduction or direct deposit of at least $400 to OHecu
  • Maintain average daily balance of $100 or greater for the statement period
  • Have a month end balance of $100 or greater on the last day of the statement period

See OHecu Fee Schedule for full details