Get your money deposited quickly and easily

Save time with Direct Deposit!  Direct Deposit is a quick and easy way to deposit your money. When you sign up for Direct Deposit, your money will be ready and waiting for you in your account on the morning of your payday. You will have access to your funds without making a trip to a branch and waiting in line to make a deposit.  

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time
  • Access your money through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, VISA® Debit Card, ATM, checks or a OHecu office
  • Safe & Secure - Direct Deposit payments never get lost in the mail
  • Confidential – Money is transferred electronically and passes through fewer hands than a paper check.
  • Gives you access to your money earlier than check deposits.  There is no waiting for checks to clear.
  • Puts you in charge of your money.  Financial planners recommend Direct Deposit as a step towards gaining control of your finances.
  • You decide how to divide your deposit among your accounts and it will be done automatically.

To get started with Direct Deposit, you need to provide your employer or government entity with the routing number for OHecu – 241075124 along with your account (member) number. Your member number was provided to you when you opened your membership and also appears at the top of your regular account statement.  You will also want to indicate if you would like your funds deposited into your savings or checking account. 

Your employer may require you to complete a direct deposit form.