OHecu has been serving members since 1933

The Ohio Educational Credit Union (OHecu) is a full-service financial institution. Our goal is to recognize and understand the unique financial needs of our individual members and fulfill those needs through a variety of diversified products and services while adhering to the Credit Union philosophy of “People helping People.”

OHecu Mission Statement: “Building our members’ financial future through a full range of superior financial services, education and exceptional value.”


OHecu Background

The Ohio Educational Credit Union was incorporated in 1933 as the Cleveland Teachers Credit Union. Through the many years that followed, the Credit Union provided quality service to its members based on the fundamental principle underlying financial cooperatives – “People Helping People.”

From its inception, the Credit Union provided a diverse selection of quality services for employees and family members of the Cleveland Public School System. In 1990 changes to the charter have opened Credit Union membership to all educational institutions throughout the state of Ohio along with a variety of other organizations.

From the beginning, the Credit Union’s Board of Directors and committees have been comprised of unpaid member volunteers. These volunteers bring with them a full spectrum of financial and credit union experience and together form a progressive and forward-thinking governing body. It’s this team that provides a foundation for the quality of service enjoyed by the membership.  

The varied Credit Union membership includes students, alumni, employees and retirees from primary and secondary schools, universities, teaching hospitals and public and private trade schools throughout Ohio. In addition to educational institutions, OHecu also serves individuals from several community service organizations, home health care providers, manufacturing, day-care services and arts organizations.

OHecu is chartered by the State of Ohio.