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Yes, you may cancel a payment any time before or on the send date, until the...    [Read More]
Yes, you have 10 days from the date you receive the payment notification to...    [Read More]
Popmoney allows you to send money to friends, family or anyone at all. After...    [Read More]
You can use Popmoney through your bank’s website if it is one of Popmoney’s...    [Read More]
Do not attempt to deposit this payment! The funds will be returned to the...    [Read More]
Currently, Popmoney is only available for use between accounts and registered...    [Read More]
You can send money to someone using their: Email address: Your contact will...    [Read More]
Please click on the Fees link from Send Money to view the Popmoney® fee...    [Read More]
Popmoney® is easy and convenient for you and the people you send money to….they...    [Read More]
You have 10 days from the send date to provide your account information. ...    [Read More]
Popmoney is an innovative payment service offered by leading financial institutions...    [Read More]
If you make a payment before 5 p.m. Pacific Time on a business day, the funds...    [Read More]
It depends on the delivery speed you selected to send the payment. Standard...    [Read More]
As a security precaution, the sender provided your mobile number when they scheduled...    [Read More]
For your protection, limits have been created on how much money and how many...    [Read More]
Verification of your email address and phone number is required for security...    [Read More]
We use your email address to send you messages that are relevant to your Popmoney...    [Read More]
No, your bank account information will not be shared with the recipient. ...    [Read More]