What are some of the ways I may have access to my Member Privilege limit? Will my limit be reflected in the balance I receive?

The chart below shows the different ways you can access your Member Privilege limit and indicates whether or not this limit will be reflected in the balance provided.  

Access Points Is my Overdraft Privilege Available? Does the balance provided reflect my Member Privilege Limit?
Teller Yes No
Writing a Check Yes N/A
Debit Card (recurring) Yes N/A
Debit Card (everyday) No** N/A
ATM Withdrawal No** No
ACH-Auto Debit Yes N/A
Online Banking Yes No
Bill Pay Yes N/A
Telephone Banking Yes No













**Member Privilege service will be made available for ATM or everyday debit card transactions upon your request.  Call the 24/7 Membership Service Center 877-322-6328 or visit one of our branches to arrange for your ATM and debit card coverage.


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