Fraud Alert: Credit Union Phone Spoofing Notice



Be On the Lookout for Potential Scam Phone Calls.

Unknown caller

We have been notified by multiple members that there has been increased volume of fraudsters spoofing OHecu phone numbers, including the -800 number to the Member Service Center, and impersonating employees. Their intent is to obtain your personal identification and account information to steal your identity and/or money.

OHecu will never call you asking you to provide your personal account information.

If you receive a call from The Ohio Educational Credit Union or any other caller asking for your personal details (i.e Social Security Number, Date of Birth, etc.), bank account and/or debit card information, Online or Mobile Banking passwords, or similar information—HANG UP

It's likely a fraudster attempting to obtain your personal information by spoofing an OHecu phone number then falsely representing themself as a legitimate representative of the Credit Union. 

To validate the call, contact the OHecu Member Service Center at 800-552-6328

What To Do:


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