Treat Yourself to Better Banking

The Ohio Educational Credit Union (OHecu) is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution with a full suite of financial products for all stages of life. The credit union founding principle of “people helping people” is what sets us apart from other financial institutions. Credit unions have members—not customers. When you join OHecu, you become a member and have a share of ownership.

OHecu and other credit unions exist to serve and benefit its members. We offer the same products, services and conveniences that you would find at a typical bank—often with lower fees and better interest rates. Most banks on the other hand are “for-profit” and therefore, their primary objective is to increase profits for its investors.


Who Can Join

Students and alumni
of educational institutions in Ohio.

Employees and retirees
of educational institutions in Ohio.

Individuals offering educational
services or activities such as tutors.

Relatives of existing members
including spouse, child, sibling,
parent, grandparent, or grandchild.

Organizations that incorporate
schools or educational programs
in their general operations.

Employees of businesses
partnered with OHecu through our
Select Employer Group (SEG) program.