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Checking Questions
Yes, overdraft protection is available through a transfer from another account...    [Read More]
Our Signature Checking account has the monthly fee waived if you meet certain...    [Read More]
Yes, with our Select Checking account, you receive your initial box of 100 OHecu logo checks...    [Read More]
Yes, each check is reviewed and a hold is placed according to the Funds Availability...    [Read More]
Re-ordering OHecu checks is easy by using the re-order form from your existing...    [Read More]
You will receive an overdraft notice each time items are paid, including fees. ...    [Read More]
As long as you maintain your account in "good standing," we may approve...    [Read More]
You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive end-of-day...    [Read More]
If you are a new member, you may be able to use the overdraft privilege service...    [Read More]
The chart below shows the different ways you can access your Member Privilege...    [Read More]
The best way to avoid overdrafts and fees is to keep track of your account balance...    [Read More]
We have several checking accounts available. For more details, click here. ...    [Read More]
There is no additional cost associated with this privilege unless you use it. ...    [Read More]
If you would like to have this service removed from your account, please contact...    [Read More]
Overdrafts above and beyond your established Member Privilege limit may result...    [Read More]
Member Privilege ℠ is a discretionary overdraft service requiring no action...    [Read More]
Checking and Money Market Accounts each have a $500 limit.  If you have...    [Read More]
Immediately contact OHecu 24 hours a day at 877.322.6328 if you believe your...    [Read More]